Why Do You Need Handbook?

Too many sales materials to bring

Makes you lose opportunities to sell because you cannot timely respond your clients’ unexpected requests.

Chance comes only once,No next time in business talk.

Sentences cannot attact your client

Especially if you are to explain products by its designs, its behaviors, its atmospheres.

Why not leverage high resolution images or videos like private scene?

Updating materials takes time & costs a lot

Even though everyone knows speed and accuracy are relevant.

Why do you continue to waste your time & money to print and transpiration?


Attract Your Clients Visually

Handbook enables you to leverage the power visual content by packaging images and videos into high quality presentations with a smooth, touch-screen optimized interface

Files are beautifully displayed with page-turner-effect (iOS, Android)

Windows Store UI for Windows

You can select design layout from 3 templates


Right Content at the Right Time

Packaging relevant materials on one tablet enables non-linear conversations, reducing lead-time by enabling sales teams to tackle unexpected client requests


Easy & Quick Update of Contents

Open your browser Drag & Drop contents

  • Web browser application
  • Create Handbooks
  • Select template design

Distributed automatically

  • Secure distribution
  • Works behind-the-scenes

Ready on tablets for presentation

  • App on tablets & phone
  • view Handbooks

Boost collaboration to convert more customers

Boost collaboration between sales & marketing

Analytics of activities enables marketing team to understand activities of sales reps well, and access logs are available.

Collaborative functions such as questionnaire, rating, comment, exam & quiz realize better understanding of sales field.

Engage better with clients using their smart devices

BookDrop? enables secure distribution of contents to your clients’ smartphones / tablets quickly without making accounts using our original proximity authentication technology. Sales reps can specify which contents is distributed and when they will be expired.

Proven customer success

+650 businesses around the world have increased their business value

Lenovo Japan increased the number of sales calls by 50%. Less time needed to prepare for each sales meeting meant salespeople could talk to many more prospective customers

Hyatt Regency Tokyo leverages the power of Handbook to improve selling by high quality digital contents such as virtual experience of wedding halls. Time needed to prepare materials reduced by 75%

Resort Trust is a group of time share resort hotels. Handbook App helped improve sales opportunities by utilizing attractive images & videos as part of meetings with prospective customers

Frequently Asked Questions


1.Auth by login / password, and also by device ID
2.Auto validation & expiration of contents
3.Activities such as storing passwords in devices, downloading contents, and opening files with another apps are controllable.
4.Access logs are available
5.Transitions are encrypted by Secure Socket Layer.

Sales reps are to work even offline environment

Handbook App user can download their necessary contents in tablets to use it in offline environment. Admin can control which content can be downloaded or not.

Cost of operation. No technical savvy in our team.

1.No server management is required because this is a Software-as-a-Service cloud services.
2.Most of our users who create & distribute contents are not technical savvy because of its simple user interface.

Support & training?

1.Yes, we provide email support for questions about usage & functionality.
2.Training and telephone support will be provided during proof of concept period.