Handbook App for Engaging Marketing Communications

What is Handbook App?

Handbook App is huge for salespeople who want to Attract and Convert Clients Using Tablets.

Take your existing presentations and relevant files, drag and drop them in a browser. We take care of uploading to the cloud, beautifying the content and publishing it on all the approved tablets across the world.

With your needs in mind, Handbook App supports most file formats including ppt, xls, doc, images, pdf, audio, video, and much more.

Online or offline, with or without a network connection, Handbook App can be used, and presentations can be given with confidence.

With Handbook App you are in control.

Always be prepared for your next sales call


Lenovo Japan increased the number of sales calls by 50%


Hyatt Regency Tokyo leverages the power of Handbook to improve selling by high quality digital contents such as virtual experience of wedding halls. Time needed to prepare materials reduced by 75%


Resort Trust is a time share group of resort hotels. Drastically improved the time needed to update content and cut cost. Improved sales opportunities using Handbook by using attractive images & videos

“1 in 4 Business to Business Sales Teams
Use Tablets”

According to Corporate Visions February 2014

Tablets are quickly becoming the chosen tool of global sales leaders. Using the Handbook App, they are able to update all sales materials with the click of a button. Handbook App will instantly update your entire team with your most powerful presentations, videos, marketing materials, product information and much more. Now, your sales people can be sure they have all the materials they need to maximize every opportunity.

How can you benefit from using Handbook

Visually Stunning Presentations

Text can only go so far. You can now quickly and easily customize each presentation for your clients. Using Handbook App, the tablet optimized UI offers you smooth professional transitions with all of your best sales materials. Your best videos, images, presentations, PDFs, spreadsheets, HTML files and much more can be stored in the palm of your hand.

“We received a 200% increase in sales using video presentations in the Handbook App.”- Nihon Trim

Accessible when you need it most

Never again be without your most important materials. With the Handbook App, you can keep all of your sales information, videos, pictures, product and service information and presentations, in visually stunning packages, all in one place. The palm of your hand. With updates available in seconds, and easy distribution, you can confidently know that you will be prepared for your sudden and unique sales opportunities.

Now, more than ever we must maximize our limited time on our sales calls. Handbook App, reduces preparation time, and works on multiple operating systems to ensure you are always ready for the sale.

Did we mention that you can access your Handbook files both online and offline? This guarantees that you will have the information you need, when you need it, when others don’t.

“Handbook gave us access to all of our best information on our tablets decreasing our appointment times by 13 minutes.” – Polyplastics

“Handbook has helped us increase our face-to-face contacts 50% by having all information available on our tablets.” – Lenovos

Manage your content in seconds

Have you ever wished that you had the right information when the client asked, only to have to come back another time? With handbook, you control what you have available, and when.

Using our simple drag and drop features and the sales activity feedback, you can quickly add the files you need and remove what is no longer relevant. You control the message. In an instant, you can create and update files for your entire team. With one click distribution, you can ensure you have the right messages, at the right time. Every time.

A global insurance company reduced the risk of lawsuits by setting content start dates and expiration dates regarding their celebrity endorsements.

Simple 3-Step System

Open your browser to Drag & Drop contents

  • Web browser application
  • create Handbooks
  • Select template design

Automatically Distributed

  • Web browser application
  • create Handbooks
  • Select template design

Ready on Tablets for Presentation

  • Web browser application
  • create Handbooks
  • Select template design

Choose your country or region.

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