Handbook App for Engaging Marketing Communications

Handbook  ::  The App for Customer Engagement

The Sales and Marketing ACE that enables you to

Attract, Convert, and Empower
your Target Audience Groups
on Tablets and Smartphones


Capture your target audience's attention and generate curiosity

with visually attractive and targeted Content Marketing / Sales Presentations - that combine the power of various formats with the convenience and appeal of Tablets and Smart Phone Apps.

Effectively present and communicate your high level / key marketing messages.


Convert prospects to customers and then to satisfied customers

by providing relevant details on a convenient, attractive, easy-to-use tablet or smartphone platform. Use PDFs, docs, images, infographics, tables / spreadsheets, slideshows, videos, animations, HTML & more.

Achieve greater understanding and appreciation of your products, services, initiatives.


Encourage active participation & foster customer advocacy

via Polls, Surveys, Ratings, Comments, and new Sharing features (called BookDrop). Refine your presentation based on analytics & feedback. Help your customers spread the word!

Increase target audience engagement and encourage sharing / advocacy!


Handbook  ::  The App for Customer Engagement

So how do you use Handbook to achieve these key business benefits?
In the areas of marketing communications (content marketing, collateral); sales enablement (sales presentations; leave-behind); and customer engagement.

It's really simple.

[ Well, we designed it that way!   So users can get the most out of it in no time ... without any special tech. skills or training! ]

Handbook Platform

Handbook Studio
 ▸  To create Handbooks
 ▸  Web / browser application

Studio on a Browser

Handbook App
 ▸  To view the Handbooks
 ▸  On tablets / smartphones

Handbook App on Tablet / Smartphone

Enterprise Level Cloud Services
 ▸  Secure storage & distribution
 ▸  Works behind-the-scenes

Behind-the-scenes Cloud Backend


Available on all major mobile platforms - iPads, iPhones, Android & Windows 8.1 Tablets.

Here's a quick overview of the Key Steps:


◆  Web-based SAAS Application

◆  Drag & Drop ease

◆  Easy-to-learn & easy-to-use

1Create Handbooks

Using any modern browser, "Editor users" access Handbook Studio online to create engaging and effective communication packages / presentations (called Handbooks). Combining / utilizing existing content files with drag-and-drop ease!


◆  Secure, Automated, Instantaneous

◆  Based on simple user settings

◆  Initial & Ongoing Updates

2Distribute Handbooks

Editors specify the Target Audience Group and Access Permissions - and the cloud backend takes care of automated secure distribution behind-the-scences - including ongoing updates (e.g. content additions) and automatic notifications to "Reader users".


◆  Anywhere, Anytime Access

◆  Attractive electronic "Leave Behind"

◆  Modern touch-based UI

3View Handbooks

Your target audience, the "Reader users", use the Handbook App on their tablets / smartphones to conveniently browse the Handbooks - online or offline. Using touch-based intuitive navigation and UI for a great user experience.

Handbook  ::  The App for Customer Engagement

Here's how Handbook's key features satisfy the needs of users & stakeholders:

Features Handbook Editors will love:

[Content Managers / Creators like your Marketing Staff]

Features Handbook Readers will love:

[Content Consumers like your Sales Team and Customers]

Features your Business & IT Leadership will love:

[Key Stakeholders like your CEO, CFO, CIO who like to
get good value for their investments!]

Your customers / audience are moving on to
Tablets in addition to Smart Phones (BYOD).

Are your marketing / customer communications keeping up with them –
using cost-effective cloud / SAAS solutions & Apps?

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2/12/2014 : Handbook 4 - Business App for B2B Sales and Marketing Communications – Released in US Market
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Handbook extends the reach & effectiveness of your sales and marketing content via easy-to-use Tablets and Smartphones.

Connect & empower your marketing / sales / customer communications staff
and corporate content management teams today!

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