Handbook is the simplest way to distribute sales collateral

Collaboration between marketing & sales

Simple, secure and fast distribution of materials to sales people. Track sales activities and receive feedback from the field.
A mobile app that lets you completely stand out from your competition by presenting your best selling material while controlling the user experience all from your tablet.

Proven customer success

750+ Customers around the world have increased their sales

Dolce Hayes Mansion

Handbook App opens creative possibilities for that truly special event, while simplifying and accelerating the sales process

Once a private estate in the Spanish Colonial style, the lavish Dolce Hayes Mansion is an exquisite fusion of turn-of-the century luxury and high-tech convenience. Cradled in the heart of Silicon Valley, complete with sweeping mountain views,it was only natural for its sales team to turn to the latest technological innovation – the Handbook App -- to truly capture and showcase the magic and charm of Hayes Mansion for their clients.
Sanwa Shutter Corporation develops and sells architectural construction materials such as shutters and doors. As part of their plan to strengthen the proposal ability of their sales representatives they implemented the iPad and Infoteria’s sales enablement tool called “Handbook App”.
Lenovo Japan increased the number of sales calls by 50%. Less time needed to prepare for each sales meeting meant salespeople could talk to many more prospective customers
Hyatt Regency Tokyo leverages the power of Handbook to improve selling by high quality digital contents such as virtual experience of wedding halls. Time needed to prepare materials reduced by 75%
Resort Trust is a group of time share resort hotels. Handbook App helped improve sales opportunities by utilizing attractive images & videos as part of meetings with prospective customers